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Every year, there are 3 months that the biggest fights in the field of boxing will be scheduled. First month would be May, second would be September and lastly, the month of December. And this coming May 2013, a big fight is scheduled on September 14 which will be between Mayweather vs Pacquiao.

Pacquiao was deleted on the hot list after the loss against Marquez last December 8. Marquez knocked out Pacquiao on the 6th round. Every boxing fans want Mayweather vs Pacquiao though and I don’t think this will happen this year 2013. It will take to recover from losses.

Anyways, what I noticed between these 3 big months, talking with boxing. Lots of Pay per view companies will be very busy as well, because they know that many fans will be looking for pay per view links on the fight night. There are some offering free streaming but it’s like watching a fake DVD that people on the fight is not really clear and not appearing as what they really are. That’s the consequence of watching it for free. There are also companies offering HD live streams but very expensive that the price is almost the ticket price. So if that is the case, I think it’s worth it to just buy the tickets and watch the fight right at the boxing ring than spending the same amount and watching it from television.

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